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New Creation Family Life Chapel International New Creation Family Life Chapel International

About Our Church About Our Church

Mission Statement

New Creation Family Life Chapel has been given a divine mandate to go out into all nations and make disciples. The Church is committed to fulfilling this great commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Under God’s sovereign direction and leading, we will work tirelessly to teach those He brings to the Church to have a personal relationship with Him.

We will teach all our members to see the importance of not only being a Church member, but also becoming an active worker in the house of God.

We are fully committed to reaching thousands of people across the globe with the gospel through radio, TV and the internet.

Vision of the Church

The Church will seek to raise faithful, loyal and devoted Ministers around the world by providing training and teaching through the Leadership Team. Our aim is to empower God’s people to be effective in serving His purpose throughout the world by establishing the believer with sound doctrine. We are determined to make every member of the Church, a student of the Word of God, which is the foundation of our life.

It is our all encompassing goal to know God intimately through the study of His word. We believe that by discovering God, we discover ourselves and our purpose here on earth.

Our vision, mandate, philosophical outlook, values and work programmes are therefore firmly grounded on the idea that everyone has the right, individually or in association with others, to promote the betterment of the society, taking such developmental actions as are necessitated by the needs of the society in the quest to fulfil the universal duty to improve the welfare of the most vulnerable among mankind.

We aim to empower individuals by encouraging them to utilize their God-given talents, skills and abilities to serve their generation.

The church will aim to secure (for) and effectively manage its resources for an equitable, sustainable and holistic development of its communities.